Table of Contents





USS Detroit: The Dashing “D”

USS Finch: The Ultimate Indignity

USS Dewey: The Whale-Struck

USS Gilmer: Chasing Subs in Peugeot Sound

USS New Orleans: The Coconut Log Bow

USS Marblehead: The Long Journey Home

USS Russell: A Highly Decorated Lady

USS North Carolina: Showboat

USS Aylwin: Surviving the Hurricane

USS Casco: God Keep Our Ship

USS Allen: The Old Girl

USS Colorado: A Tale of Endurance

USS Murphy: The Luck of the Irish

USS Washington: Not Just Any Man Overboard

USS Buchanan: The Scrapperoos

USS Texas: Engage Until Neutralized

USS Lansdowne: The Lucky L

USS Dent: “There’s Nothing Like a Dame”

USS Bush: A Brief and Tragic Glory

USS Ringgold: A New Slant on Bunghole

USS Mason: The Grand Experiment

USS PC 1264: An Inglorious Fate

USS Pennsylvania: “Old Falling Apart”

USS South Dakota: Battleship X

USS Ticonderoga: The Indestructible Captain Dixie

USS Idaho: Perdition to Our Axis Foes

USS Alabama: Very Well Done

USS Enterprise: The Big E

USS Huse: The Hunter Killer


Appendix A: Navy Ships’ Condition

Appendix B: How Ships Get Their Names

Appendix C: US Navy Hull Designations

Appendix D: Poets’ Comments on the Tradition

Appendix E: Non-WWII Poems